Lockley homes completes decadent mayfair cellar conversion


Following months of dedication, we’ve recently completed a remarkable, bespoke cellar conversion for a private client in Mayfair, London. Having lived in his four-storey house for 20 years, our client often toyed with the idea of creating a feature in his rather dark and damp cellar, but never got round to it. Only when lockdown took hold, giving him more time at home, did he decide to act.

Our client’s vision led the entire project: an expansive, high specification wine cellar with the finest carpentry and a custom-built pantry for his wife to store cheese and other provisions.

He appointed Ritchie and Ritchie Architects, who called on us to handle the construction. Having worked with Ritchie and Ritchie many times, we knew we’d work well together.

Familiar with cellars, Lockley Homes has previously converted many across the Midlands. For example, one past project converted a large, damp cellar into a stylish kitchen and dining area. The potential for these hidden spaces is huge and investing in their conversion can truly enhance a property.

The Mayfair project was nothing short of decadent. With every specification and detail rigorously scrutinised, our client didn’t want to compromise anything. After 20 years, he intended this to be perfect.

We first involved a trusted tanking company to prepare the cellar, lining it fully and installing a sump pump to keep it dry. Once the construction work was complete, we brought in a high-end carpenter who worked with fine timbers using decades of craftsmanship. It was critical to excel on the woodwork as it was such an integral part of the design. Finally, our interior designer, supported the finishing touches of the project, ensuring the cellar conversion became a show-stopping feature for the house.

Our favourite design features were the intricately crafted carpentry, the safe that we installed behind a piece of art, and the custom-made steel ‘prison door’ that cheekily divided the luxurious wine cellar from the pantry.

This project was an absolute pleasure for us, and our client is thrilled with the result. A well-stocked wine cellar and pantry are imperative as the couple often have friends and family for dinner. Visitors are taken aback when greeted with such an incredible feature. They enjoy spending time browsing the rows of fine wine and champagne before settling down to a meal together.

“Converting my cellar has always been a dream. To see it become reality in such an inspiring way has been fantastic. The team worked so hard together, listening to all of my ideas. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed incorporating some fun twists to give it a playful feel.

Now, with more time at home, we can enjoy this additional space together. Needless to say, it’s been a sound investment and enhanced the value of the property. Great job all round,” said our client.

Whilst Lockley Homes has always been known as a fine house builder, we love to showcase other skills too. If you own a luxurious home and have designs on creating something really rather special, please do get in touch with us for an initial chat.